Pontiac Trap

Pontiac Derby Scores & Payouts
Monday October 19, 2020
October 26, will be the last derby untill next year!
Don’t Miss It!!
The Trap Committee would like to thamk everyone
that came out to shoot with us this year.
We have 5 boxes of donated shells left so the
lowest 5 scores will each get a box of shells 
at the October 26th derby.
Ron Mil.441st place$11.00
John S.441st place$11.00
Barb M.432nd place$11.00
Randy Le.41
Al K.401st lewis$6.00
Steve O.401st lewis$6.00
Frank B.38
Bob T.38
Gary G.372nd lewis$4.00
Jim T.372nd lewis$4.00
Ken B.372nd lewis$4.00
Bob W.34
Dale H.33
Darrell S.21Box of Shells..